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Car Camera Recoding system Only £79.95TAM Electronics (TAM) car camera systems are at the forefront of vehicle vision system technology and provide the highest quality and value-for-money professional products.
Every TAM car camera system is quick and easy to install and use. As well as being robust and reliable, they have advanced technology which offers outstanding performance and provides you with crystal clear images and sound.

We currently offer two types of car camera kits, an in-car camera recorder and two of types of reversing camera systems which are ideal for caravan towers and hauliers plus any type of vehicle with restricted rear vision.

Make TAM car camera systems – your number one choice

TAM is a reputable UK company providing watertight secure online transactions. Make TAM is your first choice for state-of-the-art car camera systems you can rely on and trust.

All of our products are easy to set-up and install and we are always on-hand to offer you quality advice on any of our systems.

Warranty and full money-back guarantee on car cameras & accessories

Every TAM product comes with a 1 year warranty and a no-fuss, no-quibble money-back guarantee. That means you can buy with confidence as every purchase you make is 100% risk-free.

TAM offers you the latest in car camera system technology

We are constantly sourcing the latest in car camera systems so our customers can take advantage of the best and most advanced technology.

How to buy a TAM in-car camera system

You can order your car camera system from us in the following ways:

  1. Buy Online via our website
  2. By sending a completed order form
  3. By email at

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In Car Camera Testimonials

"After recently installing a TAM Eagle-eye camera recorder a skip lorry drove into my car pushing me over a refuge in the middle of the road. Unbelievably, the driver of the lorry claimed that I was responsible. There were no witnesses so the insurers only had his word against mine. As there was no way of apportioning blame the only possible outcome would have been a 50/50 ‘knock-for-knock’ meaning I would lose my no-claims bonus. I then supplied the actual video evidence provided by my camera which proved beyond a doubt that the driver of the other vehicle was 100% at fault. I won my insurance claim and kept my no-claims bonus. This camera has already paid for itself ten times over." Anonymous, Nottingham

I am a classic car enthusiast and was given an Eagle Eye Car Camera as a gift to capture driving footage from my E-type Jaguar. Never did I think it would help me prove who was responsible for an accident I was in. Id advise anyone to use one for safety. Thomas Stevens, Devon

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